Joining Citizen Zoo as a member is a great way to help deliver our shared vision of working to build a wilder world.

Our members have been with us from the beginning, and their support so far has allowed us to develop the pilot project to save the Crown of Cambridge, the once abundant but now endangered wee Tansy Beetle.

We have different types of membership for different types of supporters:

1. Wild Guard membership: for those who love nature and believe in citizen led approaches to conservation, select
this choice.

2. Wild Guard Family: for those who love nature and have or are starting a family, and want to teach their children about the natural world, select this choice.

3. Wild Guard Yearly: for those who love nature and also like saving a bit of cash, select this option.

4. Citizen Keepers: this membership option of for people enrolled in Citizen Zoos Citizen Keeper Programme. Our keepers receive regular support from us in their mission to save endangered species from extinction.

As a thank you for joining we would like to send you a (i) digital poster, or if you have kids, we can alternatively send you a (ii) digital cut out poster of exotic birds, or both! The kids poster can be printed and used to decorate their rooms, so that they can lie in dreams awake.

Yours ever,

Citizen Zoo Team

Please remember to tell us which poster you would prefer.

Membership Options
Type of poster: (i) or (ii)