How we work

We will provide training in conservation and captive breeding/rearing, and also work with our members to build breeding/rearing ‘kits’ in their homes. These kits will be for conservation purposes only, so as such will not be intended for public display.

Many people have a shed, spare bedroom, or greenhouse at home which they are not using, but which is often perfect for breeding or rearing animals and plants vulnerable to extinction.

Many people also already breed exotic species at home out of their fascination and love of nature. We want to work with these amateur hobbyists and other general citizens to do more for nature, by inviting them to become a part of Citizen Zoo.

Our members will not own any species they keep, but will instead be temporary custodians. Species within the Citizen Zoo collective will be bred, reared or kept for a specific purpose, and all our members are committed to rewilding Britain for the better.