Support the Cause


We think everyone can be a conservationist and help protect nature. A species is saved when there is a dedicated person or team working hard to ensure its survival.

We are here to help you help nature.

We are convinced that when we look after people and support their growth first and foremost, that positive conservation outcomes will be delivered more effectively.


Citizen Zoo is still in the early stages of development, so we value all the help we receive from our dedicated supporters. Here are some ways we thought more people could join this cause:

1. Propose a project, lets work together.

2. Send us supplies that could help our Citizen Keepers captive breed/rear vulnerable species.

3. Become a member – this funding will support the tansy beetle pilot project.

4. Share Citizen Zoo news and stories through your social media channels. #citizenzoo @Citizen_Zoo_

5. Donate today – this will also support the tansy beetle pilot project and Citizen Keepers training.