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A National Park. When I hear these three words my mind immediately floods with fond memories. Whether it’s memories of rowing across Lake Windermere, or struggling up Brecon in the snow, or even clinging on to a rock-face for dear life in the Peak District, all while being immersed in […]
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A Wilder Future for National Parks in Britain

Guest blog by Professor Mark Huxham ‘The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese’. Those few words, scrawled in the areal graffiti of a thoughtless tweet, should be as light and transient as a dirty snowflake. When they issue from the most powerful man in the […]
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Hope in Nature means faith in people

In celebration of the conservation optimism conference next April, I decided to write a blog about one of the most innovative pieces of technology that could revolutionise the conservation sector entirely, by making us all better at communicating with one another. All the work that we do as conservationists is […]

Slacking our way to success

Last week during one of my days spent volunteering in the David Attenborough Building in Cambridge, I came across the man himself dangling off a 50 foot green wall promoting the work of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative. Yesterday, that stunt was shared with a room of hundreds of esteemed conservation […]

David Attenborough Building Now Open

Off the high horse One of the challenges I have found since becoming a vegetarian has been the automatic hostility I receive from many people when they find out about me dietary choices. Being a vegetarian and a conservationist, I imagine most people want to avoid being lectured at all […]

Hypocrisy as a tool to engage

Two weeks ago at around 14:30 on Tuesday afternoon my Outlook account sounded with an alert telling me that I had just received a new email, this time from “Exciting new intern position at ZSL with the IUCN Pangolin Specialist group”. My current situation means that I spend most […]

Social Justice In Conservation

She ran through the doors, pushing her way past the hundreds of others in pursuit of the ultimate goal: the newly released Xbox One. This highly sought-after piece of gaming technology was created by Microsoft for the millions of devoted gamers of this world, one of whom was her twelve […]

The Consumerist Conservationist